Q&A: Detlef Schrempf

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Courtesy of Autumn Allison

Question: Let's talk Pacers. Obviously they are in a different spot than what they were at this time last year. What are your thoughts on their prospects?
Answer: Obviously they lost a very good player to injury in Paul George, and Stephenson, who was an up-and-coming player, to free agency. The NBA is a funny thing. It is typically where younger players get an opportunity to play more and somebody will eventually step up and I think that's what the Pacers hope will happen ... That some of the younger players step in and step up and deliver.
Q: You used to play for the Seattle SuperSonics, what was it like when the Sonics left town? 
A: It was very disappointing. We had a great fans when we were playing in the '90s and averaging 60 wins a season. … It was a great time to be a Sonic and a great time to be a Sonic fan. Obviously, they didn't do so well in the 2000s. Then they were sold. No one expected them to move out of market until they did. I think that everybody kind of cut the NBA loose for a while … now there is a little bit of excitement again. We have a hope that there will be a team again here in the market.
Q: And if that were to happen, as a former player and coach with the Sonics, how would you feel? 
A: I hope it happens soon. I want to be out there. I want to go to games. I want to celebrate wins. … I think being part of the NBA is what the city is meant to be. And hopefully we will be there again soon.
Q: There have been quite a few Pacers and former Pacers who have made cameos on "Parks and Rec." Where would you say that you rank on the list?
A: I'm one of the best actors. No doubt. That's why my phone is ringing off the hook.
Q: If you had to pick from actors on "Parks and Rec" for a 2-on-2 pick-up game, who would you want on your team?
A: Oh Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on the show). He's a player. He loves to play. I'd take him as my little shooter.