Q&A: Nick Young

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Courtesy of Sarah Kogod

Nick Young, what was the last...

Movie you saw

Horrible Bosses 2. It was pretty good, I liked it. I ain't gonna lie, I was shocked. I saw the first one but I was forced to see the second one. The sequel's never that good. I think it might have been better.

Book you read

The Bible. A little bit every day.

Thing you cooked

Some eggs. I try to make them over-easy, sunny-side up, but it's hard to get it right.

Song that was stuck in your head

"Black Widow." [Ed note: Duh.]

Vacation you went on


Dream you had

I think two days ago. It was about the game. I was running late and I missed the whole game. I kept getting stopped trying to get there and when I got there, there was nobody there. And I woke up, like, I'm glad it was a dream.

Person who made you laugh

I'm gonna have to say Robert Sacre. Just looking at him.

Person you texted

My momma. "What are we cooking this weekend?"

Thing you took a picture of

Myself. I was feeling good that day.

Time you cried

Probably this summer when I was going through my free agency. That was scary.

Time you were embarrassed

Two games ago, when Iggy was sitting courtside. I just slipped and fell for no reason. The ball went over my head. And then I tried to get back up and I slipped again. I blamed it on the floor. She didn't believe me.

Time you said "I love you"

Today. My momma and Iggy.

Date night

Two nights ago [with Iggy]. We went to STK.